Dec 3

Mr. Kelly’s, Osaka

An award-winning Turkish pianist, Selen Gülün, has performed globally since releasing her debut album in 2006, Just About Jazz. Already with a following in Japan, her albums Answers (2010) and Baska (2013) were successful with Japanese listeners along with a more recent electro-acoustic improvisational album with Italian collaborators Marcello Allulli and Emanuele de Raymondi, which was released in Italy, Japan, and Turkey.
Music education started at the Istanbul University State Conservatory for Gülün and she later went on to study at the famous Berklee College of Music receiving a B.A. in Jazz Composition.
The Selen Gülün Quartet playing in Japan features David Negrete on alto sax (a Californian musician based in Japan since 2011 who released his debut album TRIBE OF D in 2016), bassist Yoshimasa Otsuka (an accomplished double bassist who has also performed in the US), and drummer Ko Kanza (a previous resident of Los Angeles where he performed live and recorded sessions for screen).

Turkish jazz pianist and vocalist

Time: 7:30pm/9pm
Admission: ¥4,000
Mr. Kelly’s, Osaka