Sep 13

Sarusawa Pond, Nara

A colorful water pageant takes place at the scenic Sarusawa Pond in Nara. See the elegant boating parade held by participants dressed as ancient court people to appreciate the moon at its fullest and brightest. Legend has it that an uneme (a lady of the imperial court) threw herself into this pond in despair after falling out of favor with the Emperor. This event also takes place to comfort the spirit of the uneme. There will be an elaborate parade of people dressed in 8th-century attire from JR Nara Station through Sanjo-dori to the pond, followed by a religious ceremony and then the boating event.

Time: 5pm-8:30pm
Admission: Free
Access: JR / Kintetsu Line, Nara Stn
Sarusawa Pond, Nara