Jan 19 - Mar 31

Itsuo Art Museum

In the early 20th century, Japan was in the midst of an intense and comprehensive Westernization period. New technologies like railways were rapidly adapted as well as Western pastimes such as watching moving pictures and going to the opera. In the midst of this shift, pioneering industrialist Ichizo Kobayashi, the founder of Hankyu Railway, Hankyu Department Store, Takarazuka Revue and Toho, decided to experience Western life for himself at the source. He embarked on a journey across the United States and Europe. While traveling, he visited many art museums and collected all kinds of items, including antiques. Itsuo Art Museum, which opened to display Kobayashi’s art collection after his death, is displaying these alongside his travel stories and musings on Western life.

• Guide and explanation in Japanese only

Time: 10am–5pm
Admission: ¥700
Access: Short walk from Hankyu Ikeda Stn
Itsuo Art Museum