Mar 5

Conpass, Osaka

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Based in Montreal, Anomalie is the alias of musician and producer Nicolas Dupuis. His music is mix of jazz piano and keyboards, beats, strong grooves, and heavy electronic funk.
Anomalie’s first release was the self-titled 2013 album. Then, 2017 saw the release of the follow-up album Metropole and then Metropole II last autumn. Though a solo performer in the studio, when it comes to live shows, Anomalie’s label Dox Records explains that he is “supported by his four-piece band, bringing his productions to life on stage with energy-driven arrangements and original interpretations of his produced music.”
On the sound of the new tracks on Metropole II, the artist said in a recent interview ( “I would say that it’s a bit less electronic, and even more focused on the piano as a lead instrument.”
Anomalie’s music is hard to define, it appeals to a wide audience and slots into jazz, funk, and synth-pop genres. The musos will be enthralled by the classically trained artist while others will just want to dance to the beats.

時間: 8pm
入場料: ¥3,500/¥4,000
Conpass, Osaka