Kansai Finder is the listings portal for the Kansai region of Japan. We publish event listings, classifieds and job listings and a directory of businesses, sightseeing spots and services for the Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Shiga, Wakayama and Mie areas. Some listings are also printed in Kansai Scene magazine, our sister publication (see below).

It is free to post basic listings, but if you’d like a little additional exposure then there is the option to pimp your post (paid options) and have it featured on the site.

There is no limit to the number of listings any one user can post, so get listing your own events, favorite places and selling your used items now!

How do I get my event/place/job/classified in Kansai Scene’s printed listings?

Event information and food and drink listings are selected from KansaiFinder.com for publishing in Kansai Scene magazine. Job and classified listings are limited to online listing only. Only registered events/places can be considered for listing within the printed edition of Kansai Scene, so make sure you are registered. Events (across all categories) are selected based on their relevance to Kansai Scene’s target audience and editorial focus. Selection is made at the discretion of the Kansai Scene editorial team.

In addition to events, restaurants, bars, cafes and other dining locations will also be selected from Kansai Finder ‘Places’ listings, and published as part of a dining guide in Kansai Scene. A listing within the printed magazine is limited to 30 words and general location. No address or website will be published in print. Some lucky locations will be further selected to be reviewed. This is a free service and no guarantees of inclusion can be made.

Note: Selection is made at the discretion of the Kansai Scene editorial team and listings will change each edition.

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