May 17

Varon, Osaka

French metal band Betraying the Martyrs’ music has been said to be a mixture of different aspects from multiple subgenres of extreme metal. Death growls and heavily distorted fast guitars along with clean vocals, choruses, and programming, as well as orchestral keyboards more akin to symphonic metal make the band difficult to pigeonhole into one specific genre of metal, a genre that seems to have new sub-genres appearing weekly!
Including band members from both France and England, Betraying The Martyrs formed in 2008 and released debut album Breathe In Life in 2011. Last year saw the release of the Live In Paris album, and as they prepare for their first ever tour of Japan, they recently released the new single Eternal Machine.

Time: 5:30pm
Admission: ¥7,500/¥8,500
Varon, Osaka