Nov 26

Namba Hatch, Osaka

The heavy-metal legends from Iron Maiden don’t tour the globe as much as they used to, and of course, if you did go to see Maiden, it would be in a huge stadium. This month, however, there is a chance to see Iron Maiden founder and bassist Steve Harris in a smaller venue with his side project British Lion.
The band released its debut self-titled album in 2012 to a warm response, and has toured and worked on new material between Harris’s recording and live work with Iron Maiden. As opposed to Harris’s work with Maiden, British Lion is more classic hard rock than heavy metal.
The band has been working on new material, which will eventually come out as a follow-up album, and no doubt some of that material will be in the band’s live set.

Side-project of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris

Time: 7pm
Admission: ¥TBA
Namba Hatch, Osaka