Sep 15 - Sep 16

Kishiwada Stn & Surroundings

Intricately carved danjiri (floats) are pulled at high speeds by teams of men around the narrow streets of the town. The highlight of this race-like parade is the yarimawashi, when the danjiri makes a 90-degree turn at an intersection. These intersections are extremely popular viewing spots as crowds of visitors applaud when a seamless turn is completed. At dusk, the danjiri are illuminated with paper lanterns making for a calm, serene atmosphere, a real contrast to the high-energy action of the day. Those interested in discovering more about the festival can visit the Kishiwada Danjiri Kaikan Museum located near Kishiwada Castle.

Time: 6am–10pm on Sep 15; 9am–10pm on Sep 16
Admission: Free
Access: Nankai line, Kishiwada Stn; Nankai line, Haruki Stn
Kishiwada Stn & Surroundings