Mar 1 - Mar 31

Takatori-Cho, Nara

Girls’ Day, also known as the Doll Festival, is one of the most important events in the calendar of Japanese customs. Many families celebrate by displaying a set of dolls called hina-ningyo. In the small historic town of Takatori-cho, over 100 families showcase their beautiful hina dolls for tourists during this event. Come and meet the exotic Japanese figurines and smiling faces of the local people as you walk along the street leading to the Takatori Castle Ruins, where wooden houses with black tiled roofs line the roadside. Nearly 40,000 people come to enjoy the excursion and the historic town every year. At weekends, there will be tea ceremonies, live music, a local produce market and many other fun events. Festival maps will be provided at Tsubosakayama Station.

Time: 10am–4pm
Admission: Free
Access: Kintetsu Line, Tsubosakayama Stn, 5-min walk
Takatori-Cho, Nara