Jan 10

Ebisubashi-suji & Surroundings, Osaka

The streets of Minami (south Osaka) come alive as brightly decorated palanquins called hoe-kago parade to Imamiya Ebisu Shrine. Join in on the fun as national celebrities, beautiful geisha and puppets from the bunraku theater make their way through the streets while cheered on by the crowd. The parade starts at Soemon-cho and travels along Dotonbori, Ebisubashi, Sennichimae-suji, and Takashimaya on its way to the shrine. With shrine bearers roaring and shouting to fire up the crowd and women in festive kimono applauding and encouraging the spectacle, the streets truly take on exciting, festive atmosphere that rivals any festival in Japan.

Time: 10am
Admission: Free
Access: Subway / Nankai / Kintetsu Namba Stn
Ebisubashi-suji & Surroundings, Osaka