May 28

Big Cat, Osaka

Known by the stage name Lauv, American singer-songwriter and producer Ari Staprans Leff put out his debut EP release I Like Me Better in 2015. Born in California, the multi-instrumentalist majored in Music Technology at New York University, and he is yet another musician who has found his breaks through social media.
At the beginning of this year, Lauv announced that he would be collaborating with pop artist Troye Sivan, and they released the single I’m So Tired. Musically, it’s hard to pinpoint a genre for Lauv. He claims to be influenced by rock, pop, jazz, dance, and electronic among others, and his music does have small elements of many genres. Lauv visits Japan to play three dates at the end of his Asia tour before heading back to the UK to play an already sold out show.

Time: 7pm
Admission: ¥6,000
Big Cat, Osaka