Nov 16 - Jan 14

Abeno Harukas Art Museum

Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher’s mathematically inspired works have wowed audiences around the world for decades. During an age where computers weren’t yet utilized as a design tool, Escher created art featuring motifs like impossible objects, explorations of infinity, reflection, symmetry, perspective, truncated and stellated polyhedra, hyperbolic geometry, and tessellations. In this exhibition, held to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the artist’s birth, the Abeno Harukas Art Museum is showing some 150 works by Escher, including some of his earliest pieces and autographed drawings. Visitors can appreciate the immense value of precise graphic representations that laid the foundation for modern design trends and techniques.

Time: Open: 10am–8pm (until 6pm Sat, Sun & holidays)
Admission: ¥1,500
Access: Tennoji Stn, direct walk
Abeno Harukas Art Museum