Jun 8

SHangrila, Osaka

Nabowa is a Kyoto-based four-piece instrumental band that takes influences from and performs in a mix of genres ranging from jazz and ambient to contemporary and rock. A fine example of their jazz work can be heard in the track Park On Mars (Afternoon). The tune Kyo no Sora has a more upbeat pop sound whereas the composition Seven Seas has a contemporary classical feel.
The band consists of Horikawa Itaru on bass, guitarist Kageyama Kanade, Yu Kawakami on drums, percussion, piano, and keyboards, and violinist Yamamoto Hiraku. The band’s debut mini-album River was released in 2008 quickly followed by the album Flow and a national tour to garner a following.
The musicians all come across as masters of their instruments and this is highlighted on the title track of the new album released as a single DUSK.

Japanese instrumental four-piece band

Time: 6pm
Admission: ¥4,500
SHangrila, Osaka