Dec 11 - Jan 20

Nara National Museum, Nara

The On Matsuri is a beloved annual festival held every December at Kasuga Wakamiya Shrine and surroundings in Nara. Renowned for its traditional music and dance—which have been named Important Cultural Properties—as well as an elaborate display of ancient costumes, the festival is a grand visual spectacle. The Nara National Museum is displaying works related to and used during the On Matsuri. These represent the central Wakamiya deity, the celebratory procession, and festivities. In addition to works of art, cultural artifacts associated with the Kasuga faith will be exhibited. Immerse yourself in the four-day harvest festival’s almost 1,000-year history just in time for it to begin on December 15.

Time: 9:30am–5pm Tue–Sun
Admission: ¥520
Access: Access: Kintetsu Nara Stn, 15-min walk
Nara National Museum, Nara