Dec 5

Banana Hall

Starcrawler, formed in 2015 in Los Angeles, released its self-titled debut album Starcrawler in 2018 through Rough Trade Records. The band’s new album Devour You has recently been released and vocalist Arrow de Wilde (daughter of photographer Autumn de Wilde and drummer Aaron Sperske) says it “encapsulates all the blood, sweat, bruised knees, and broken fingers of a Starcrawler show.” On the band’s sound, UK newspaper The Guardian describes “sludgy, doom-laden riffs of Black Sabbath with the urgent pop-punk of The Runaways, the young LA band Starcrawler are a group whose entire DNA seems linked to the 1970s.” With the theatrics that de Wilde incorporates into her stage shows, this is a gig not for the faint of heart.

Time: 7pm
Admission: ¥6,000
Banana Hall