Nov 23

Takatori Tosamachinami and Surroundings, Nara

This annual spectacle celebrates the history of the town and its castle. Today only the ruins of the fortress remain, but it was once reputed to be one of the three best mountain-top castles in Japan. The town will be covered in autumnal foliage, and a number of samurai-period attractions will be put on for visitors. There will be a matchlock gun demonstration, sword-drawing practice, and swordplay demonstrations. A samurai parade with armour-clad warriors and ladies in traditional costumes will move through the neighborhood. There will be traditional dance performances and a market.

Time: 10am–4pm
Admission: Free
Access: Kintetsu Line, Tsubosakayama Stn, 10-min walk
Takatori Tosamachinami and Surroundings, Nara