Jan 2 - Feb 16

The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo

Tamba ware is a type of Japanese pottery produced in the cities of Sasayama and Tachikui in Kansai’s Hyogo Prefecture. It originated during the Japanese Medieval period (1185–1600). The style tends to be featured on storage jars and vases but is most notable for its sake bottle designs. In 2015, the Hyogo Ceramics Museum held the first themed exhibition called {TAMBA NOW} to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its opening. 2020 welcomes the museum’s 15th anniversary and the second part of the exhibition, which will introduce a wide range of Tamba ceramics through the works of artists currently active in Tamba Sasayama City.

Time: 10am–6pm every day except Mon
Admission: ¥200
Access: From Aino Station a 15-minute ride on the bus bound for Kiyomizudera. Get off at the "Museum of Ceramic Art" stop.
The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo