May 18 - May 19

Stihl No Mori Kyoto

This year’s spring edition of the always wonderful Star Festival will be held at its usual venue, the beautiful campsite of Stihl No Mori in Nantan City, Kyoto. This year’s two-day festival features world-class artists like the influential German techno DJ Marcel Dettmann, the British Dubstep DJ/ producer Shackleton, the British Drum and Bass DJ Dub Phizix, Filipino born/Los Angeles-based Electronic DJ Mark Redito, American underground house DJ Fred P, and more. There will be a great variety of dance music to suit just about any taste.
In addition to the various international acts, there will also be great Japanese DJs such as DJ Fulltono, EYヨ, and Aoki Takamasa. The closest station to the festival is Sonobe Station on the JR Sanin Line from which there is a shuttle bus to the venue. The site doesn’t have any accommodations, so come prepared and don’t forget to bring your own tent. Check the website for further details.

Acts: Marcel Dettmann, Shackleton, Fred P, Strategy, Dub Phizix, Daniel Wang, DJ Lee, Fulltomo, Dayzero & Karnage, Or:la, Mark Redito, Powder + more

Time: 8am–5pm
Admission: ¥10,000 (ADV: ¥9,000)
Access: Nantan City, Kyoto
Stihl No Mori Kyoto