Bia Ho’i is the kind of restaurant where you are served half a mangosteen in your drink. Their special tropical cocktails transport you straight to a South East Asian beach. The food menu at this restaurant has every Vietnamese dish you could possibly think of plus a host of others you’ve probably never heard of before. Along with the authentic taste of the dishes, this huge range of options might explain why so many customers from Vietnam dine here. If you’re having trouble deciding from the plethora of choices, go for a side of fresh or fried spring rolls and order the yellow coconut chicken curry which cooked to perfection with chunks of potato and carrot. The sauteed shrimp in a fried-egg and chili sauce is another delicious choice. Be sure to leave room for dessert where you can choose from an array of delectable puddings and flans with coconut and vanilla ice cream, or Vietnamese coffee with tapioca and coffee jelly over vanilla ice cream, or even fried banana in cinnamon sugar. And these are just scratching the surface.

Open: Lunch 11:30am~5pm; Dinner 5pm~11pm
Access: Umeda Stn, 2-min walk; Osaka Stn, 10-min walk
Telephone: 06-6292-2345
English menu? yes
Wheelchair Access? yes
Is Kansai Scene available here? yes