Nestled between Shinsaibashi and Honmachi in the Shinsaibashi shopping arcade, this organic, vegan-and vegetarian-friendly cafe is a top pick for a no-fuss, fast and wholesome lunch. Seating about 35 people, Genmai serves ¥1,000 Japanese macrobiotic lunch sets which include brown rice balls, soup, and plenty of vegetables. There are four kinds of soup and 15 to 16 different rice-ball ingredients to choose from. They also serve curry, brown-rice waffles, gluten-free cookies and cakes, and there is a nice range of drink options with exotic choices such as a ginger soy latte. The restaurant is almost totally vegan except for the supplement packets they give out with meals, which contain fish products, however, they do use kombu dashi (seaweed base) rather than fish dashi in their soups. English menus are available.

Open: 12pm–6pm (hours may vary, call to confirm)
Access: Shinsaibashi Subway Stn, 5-min walk down the Shinsabashisuji shopping arcade (2F)
Telephone: 06-4704-4811
English menu? yes
Wheelchair Access? yes
Is Kansai Scene available here? no
3-6-9 Minamikyuhojimachi Chuo-ku Osaka Osaka